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I am writing this having returned from Mike McDonnell's Memorial Service in the church, which I know many villagers attended.
My what a turn out and how very well deserved it was. It was mentioned that Mike was a willing participant in Village affairs and what a brilliant raconteur he was; but it wasn't mentioned that at one time he was on our committee and made a fantastic contribution to our efforts.
He gave us some interesting talks and could always be relied on to fill the gaps if we couldn't find a speaker.
He wrote one of our publications called CHANGES IN FARMING SINCE WORLD WAR 11.

Remembering all this got me thinking. There were several individuals to whom the Society owes a great dept of gratitude. These included Ken Wilson whose talks were so very enjoyable; Ed James, now making something of a name for himself as an author down in Cheltenham; and of course dear Joy Saynor who kept us captivated by her extensive knowledge. We also have been lucky with talks by other villagers.

When the Society first began in 1996, it was with the idea of keeping it as a LOCAL History Society, but that is becoming more and more difficult. It would be great to have more locals giving us talks.

We need your ideas and for you to come on the committee. If we are to continue for another 20 years, we need your support.

Suzie Faubert (Chairman)

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